News and Announcements

19.12.2018 13:57

Applications are closed

Please note that we are closed off for all applications to the 2019 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow.

11.10.2018 13:38

Applications open

Applications for the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic are now open.

04.10.2018 14:28

Videos from our 2018 Event

Videos from our 2018 Event

16.08.2018 10:05

Mid-Atlantic Program 2019

Mid-Atlantic Program 2019

24.01.2018 09:36

Programme 2018

Please find the programme for Icelandair Mid- Atlantic 2018 here.

19.01.2018 10:58

Appointments in full swing

We already have around 9.400 appointments booked and still a few days to go. Please make sure to accept or decline as soon as you can in order to keep everyones schedules up to date.

19.01.2018 10:58

Bookings for Saturday tours closes January 19th

Please make sure to book your complimentary Saturday before January 19th as we will close at that time. In order to book please go to your registration page.

03.01.2018 15:25

Saturday tours open for buyers

Your complimentary Saturday tours are now open for buyers. Please go to your registration page in order to book your tour. We will open up the tours for suppliers in a few days.

03.01.2018 15:24

Review your registrations

We will open up for appointments in a few days so it is a good idea to go through your registration and see that everything is in order.

03.01.2018 15:24

Registrations are closed

Please note that we are closed off for all registration to the 2018 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic

02.10.2017 13:34

Open for preregistration

We are now open for preregistration for Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 2018.

11.09.2017 13:39

Preregistration for our 2018 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic

Preregistration for our 2018 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic

11.09.2017 13:38

Facebook page

Facebook page

11.09.2017 12:59

Video from our 2018 Event

Video from our 2018 Event

25.01.2017 12:34

Our lunch at the Friday tradeshow

Our lunch at the Friday tradeshow this year is sponsored by ISAVIA and goes by the name “Warm Welcome from Keflavik Airport”. It will be served from 12-13 at the same floor as the exhibition. It is buffet style so everyone should ...

10.01.2017 10:22

Optional Saturday Daytours for Suppliers

The optional Saturday Daytours are now open for all participants to book, both buyers and suppliers.

21.12.2016 15:55

Optional Saturday Daytours for Buyers

Note to approved buyers to the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow 2017. Booking of optional Saturday tours (Saturda 28th of January) are now open, please make sure to choose the tour of your choice before they fill up! Bookings o ...

05.12.2016 16:16

Closing of Registration

Please note that all registrations for Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 2017 has now been closed. If you have any queries related to the event please send an e-mail to,

31.10.2016 13:21

Closing of Iceland Registration

Please note that it is the last few days of registration for Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 201, as we close off for all registrations from Icelandic companies on the 2nd of November at 17:00 hours, no exceptions to that deadline will be ...

29.09.2016 14:40

Pre-registration is now open for our 2017 event

If you are interested in attanding please make sure to pre-register no later than 02 December. For Icelandic participants the deadline to register is 02 November

08.09.2016 15:44

Video from our 2016 Event

Introducing a brand new video that was recorded at our 2016 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic event.

08.09.2016 15:41

Preregistration for our 2017 Mid-Atlantic

We are preparing for opening up our preregistration for our 2017 Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow. For Iceland participants the registration window is open 29 September – 20 October.

09.02.2016 11:30

Thank You

A Big Thank You to all whom attending our 2016 Tradeshow and assisting in making the event such a great success.

28.01.2016 09:31

Hel Yeah ! Helsinki Happy Hour,

Hel Yeah ! Helsinki Happy Hour, our friends from Helsinki Finland will host our happy hour this year. Make sure you do not miss it; they are bringing over both a graffiti – and a music artist. Friday February 5th, from 16:30-17:3 ...

26.01.2016 10:32

Edmonton & Jasper – Your Friendly Hosts of the Friday Night Dinner!

Friday night, join Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton Tourism and Tourism Jasper for a long-table dinner experience celebrating Icelandair’s year-round service to Edmonton.

26.01.2016 10:31

Keflavik Airport opening drinks – Warm welcome, It´s In Our Nature

Our Get together and official opening will take place at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre Thursday February 4th from 19-21.

01.12.2015 16:26

Preregistration closing on December 8

Due to a great number of requests, we have delayed the cut-off for registrations until December 8.

17.09.2015 16:36


It's that time of year again. We have now opened up preregistrations for the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow 2016.

18.08.2015 13:58

Preregistrations for 2016

We will open up for preregistrations for our 2016 event in Mid-September.

18.08.2015 13:45

2016 dates.

The 24th Icelandair Mid-Atlantic will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland 04-07 February 2016.

22.01.2015 12:55

Our Dinner Sponsors

Friday night we have HELLO BIRMINGHAM Gala Dinner in Harpa, an evening packed with entertainment and gourmet from Birmingham. A nice way to welcome our newest destination, which we start flying to on February 5.

12.01.2015 19:33

Registration for Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 2015 is now closed

Registration for Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 2015 is now closed

16.12.2014 11:36

Cities, lakes & mountains

We are so excited to share with you that our Thursday night at the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic taking place at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica will be: Cities, lakes & mountains, The Munich Experience.

16.12.2014 11:36

Buyers Saturday tours

A list of 15 different and exciting complimentary daytours taking place on Saturday the 7th of February will be ready for booking, from your registration page (link received in e-mail when you preregistered) on Thursday 18th of De ...

16.12.2014 11:36


Just to keep you informed, registrations are coming in per day, and looks like we will have more attendees than last year.

14.10.2014 11:58

Open for preregistration for participants outside Iceland

The Icelandair Mid-Atlantic 2015 is now open for preregistration for participants outside Iceland

23.09.2014 09:13

Interested in joining us for our next event?

We´ll open up for pre-registration in October

05.09.2014 14:48

Registration for 2015

The registration for the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic Tradeshow will open up in the beginning of October. Please check back for further updates.